Monday, November 4, 2013

What Web Hosting Type is Right For You

When is comes to web hosting, you have many options to choose from. Depending on the type of website you want to build, you can choose from free web hosting, standard hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated hosting, or co-location web hosting. For those who are unfamiliar with some of these options, deciding which host to choose can be daunting and time consuming.Free Web Hosting
If you want to create a personal web page or a small website for non-business use, then free web hosting is a good option. Instead of paying monthly fees, you agree to allow the service to post online ads on your site. While you have no control over the types of ads, free web hosting is an option for those who have a small budget or those who want to test their website first before investing money in a more expensive web host service.Standard Hosting
Most web hosting services that cater to small and medium businesses fall into this category. Unlike free web hosts, you will have to pay a start-up fee and a monthly fee to use the services provided by the host. There is a wide array of features available through these types of web hosts. Common features include:- Website creation tools- Reports and website statistics- 100 or more email addresses- Free domain name- Varying amounts of disk space, file storage and bandwidth- Access to multiple scripts- Ability to manage your site through a control panelWhen researching standard web hosts, look carefully at what they have to offer. Some offer different monthly packages that contain more features than others.Dedicated Hosting
If you don't want to share a server with other websites, you can choose a dedicated web hosting service or a web host that provides these types of options. While this will cost more each month, you will have more control over the server. This means you can schedule maintenance, upgrades and other events at your convenience.Shared Web Host
Even though most websites that rely on standard web hosting services are stored on shared servers, many web hosting services offer 'shared web hosting', which means you will only share a server machine with one or two other subscribers instead of hundreds.
If you're looking for a way to reduce your risk of cyber theft or hacking, sharing a server with as few subscribers as possible can help. This service will cost more than standard web hosting.Co-location
Co-location is similar to dedicated web hosting, except you only pay for an Internet connection and storage for your equipment. You will be responsible for purchasing and maintaining a server machine. For those who want to have complete control over their business, co-location is the best option available. There are two types of co-location, managed and unmanaged. If your company lacks an IT department, you can turn over management responsibilities to the web host. If your company has an IT department, then you will just have to pay for the Internet connection and the storage costs.Before you choose a web host you should take into consideration what type of web hosting you will require for your business. The type of web hosting offered is just as important as the quality of your chosen web host.