Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting New Web Hosting Service for Your Web Site

Due to Various inefficiencies of Old Web Hosting provider like poor technical
support, down web server, inability of old provider to met with your
requirements, expensive web hosting service, an Online Business owner decided
to go for a new Web Hosting provider. Because of all above-mentioned and many
more not in the list you would opt for new web hosting service.
So the next step is to transfer your web site from current web host to new web
host which can be done by following the under mentioned steps.Transferring of Schedule For transferring the old web hosting, planning should be done in advance, at least one month before so as to ensure smooth transfer, as transferring in less
than one month can led to inaccessibility of your web site.
Registering new web hosting service.Once the above step is complete, user must go for a new web hosting service and
must sign it accordingly within 24 hours so as to enable new account earliest.Taking Files Backup.As soon as you created a new web hosting account, you should take back up of
all your web files for the new provider. Generally you already have all files
of your web site on your local computer still it is beneficial to backup all
your files from old web server.Further including HTML files, backup of any script file, database file and even
of server logs file should be taken. Thereafter create a directory structure
similar to directory structure on web server and then load the file in their
respective directory.Uploading of filesYou will receive a notification email from your new web-hosting provider after
the notification of your new web hosting account. Information needed to set up
a website including FTP server information all will be provided within that
email. With the help of that FTP information user can now FTP his new
web-hosting server and can upload all his files. First the user should create a
directory structure and then can upload all his files in their respective
directories. User can also install any script file or databases if used in his
website and also should setup his email accounts with the help of
administration panel.After finishing of uploading of all the files and installation of script files
or databases temporary URL can be used to test the new site. This temporary URL
can be obtained from through notification email from new web hosting provider.Testing of new websiteThe new website can be tested online by using temporarily URL directory. As
different web hosting server require different server environment to work,
that's why user needs to verify all the scripts like CGI, Perl if they are
working as per the requirement or not. Further all the hyperlinks should be
tested in the normal web pages so as to confirm that no broken links are there.
Your website hosted on the old web hosting provider is continued to be
operational, even when you are testing through the temporary URL directory.Transferring of domain nameAfter finishing of testing new website on the temporary URL and verification of
its perfect execution, next step is to contact the new domain name registrar so
as to change the old domain name server to point the new DNS of the web hosting
provider. There after the user will get DNS information through email after he
finishes the successful registration with new web hosting provider and also
would get the information from website of his new web hosting provider.
The purpose of Domain name servers is to control how to resolve the domain
name. Commonly the domain names are in following format:NS1.THE-NEW-WEB-HOSTING.COMNS2.THE-NEW-WEB-HOSTING.COMSome domain name registrar requires the IP addresses of the DNS. In this case
you have to provide the IP addresses of your new DNS. For example:NS1: record to change and propagate through all the WHOIS servers takes
typically 24 to 72 hours. Whois tools can be use on Internet
to monitor the status of DNS transfer. New DNS will be displayed once the
transfer is complete. Even minor modifications are possible like the user can
upload his own file or picture to the new web-hosting server. When the user
checks his homepage through the normal domain name he can notice the new home
page, which makes sure that transfer of DNS is successful.Final Testing Now, your website on the new web hosting provider is officially transferred and
online. You should repeat all the tests to ensure it is fully functional.
Thereafter you can go ahead to terminate your old web hosting account after the
final confirmation is received.