Monday, November 4, 2013

Choosing a Web Host

There are a number of websites on the Internet which display charts showing the "Top 10" Web hosts. As a person searching for a web host you need to be weary of these websites. The web hosts these websites display are not truly the "Top 10 Web Hosts."If the web hosts these websites display are not the top 10 web hosts, then why do these websites display them as such? Because these web hosts pay them money for helping them sell their package. Some web hosts pay affiliates (partners who help the web hosting company sell its hosting package) upto $100! As a result, the website decides to use the tactic of rating the web host solely based on the amount of commission the web host pays.When choosing a hosting company you need to scrutinize the host. Do not rely on other websites to help you choose a host. Instead, choose a host after testing the hosting company.For example, some web hosts offer great customer support to lure potential customers into buying their hosting package but then once the customer buys their package they ignore him/her. They continue to concentrate on grabbing newer customers and forget existing customers.Then their are other web hosts which promise you "unlimited web space." Ask yourself and the web host "Is anything in life unlimited?" A rhetorical question the answer to which is a unanimous NO. So then how can any web host offer unlimited web space? They cannot! Be weary of web hosts which promise you any feature with an "unlimited" in front of it.Some web hosts also show you a large list of features you get when you buy their web hosting package. Be sure to ask the host if the features are included in all the packages. Web hosts offer different packages with different features and some web hosts take the features available in the most expensive package and display them on the main page of their website. This gives the customer a false impression that all the features are available in every package.The customer, therefore, buys the cheapest hosting package thinking he/she will get all the promised features, only to find out that the bought package does not offer the features. The poor customer now faces two options, both of which cause a loss in terms of money. The customer can upgrade to a package which offers all the features or find another web host offering the features he/she needs.All in all, scrutinize each and every web host before buying a web hosting package. It is better to be safe than sorry.